What Plants Should You Avoid with Betta Fish? (and other questions)

Published on 04 Jul 2021 / In Pets & Animals

I answer your burning questions about betta fish – meal size, plants to avoid, ripped fins, and more!
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▶ Semi-Aquatic Plants That You Shouldn’t Buy: https://youtu.be/0LGJo9Aga2U
▶ How to Save Your Sick Betta Fish: https://youtu.be/SIKXRjCPPqw
▶ 5 Most Common Betta Fish Illnesses (and How to Treat Them): https://youtu.be/PfBCAzG1ueE
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0:00 Time for a betta fish Q&A
0:21 How much should I feed my betta fish?
2:02 What plants should I avoid with betta fish?
3:52 Are any plants sharp enough to rip betta fins?
4:44 What should I do if my betta is sick?
5:19 What plants to bettas like best?
6:20 Should I add tannins for my betta fish?
7:05 Are some bettas just doomed to have ripped fins?
8:53 My betta is bored, so how do I add enrichment for him?
10:37 What is the best and worst part of keeping betta fish?

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